APW Permaculture Design Certificate


Auckland Permaculture Workshop offers in-depth workshops on a range of subjects that provide students with a comprehensive overview of permaculture and regenerative design theory and practice. Participants will learn design skills that integrate the environment, people and technology to create resilient ways of living for themselves and their communities. Completion of Programme 2021 and the Design Project will culminate in participants receiving a Permaculture Design Certificate.

For full details on the Permaculture Design Certificate see our Programme Information 2021 PDF. We encourage all participants to read this document prior to registering for the programme as it contains important details.

The 2021 programme consists of twelve full-day workshops run on Saturdays throughout the year:

Philosophy and Design workshop image
Landscape Design workshop image
APW Living Communties workshop image
Appropriate Technology workshop image
Tree Crops workshop image
Economics for People workshop image
Built Environment workshop image
Workshop Image - Urban Design and Living
Resources and Redefining Waste workshop image
Intensive Organic Gardening workshop image
Empowerment and Resilience workshop image
Retrofitting the Auckland Bioregion workshop image