All workshops run on Saturdays from 9am in the morning until 5pm in the evening. Detailed information and readings for each workshop is provided two weeks prior.

If cost is a barrier to you, please contact us to discuss how fees can be offset through other contributions. See our Spends page and Youth Scholarships (if applicable) for more information.

For full details on the 2019 Permaculture Design Certificate see our Programme Information 2019 PDF [right click + download / save link as]. We encourage all participants to read this document prior to registering for the programme.



  • 2019 Permaculture Design Certificate – $1595

Payment for the full course includes:

  • 12 workshops over the calendar year
  • A PDC programme folder with hand-outs
  • Detailed pre-workshop information about each workshop
  • Relevant readers and reference material for each workshop
  • Permaculture design project mentoring
  • Two design project presentation days

You can choose to pay in full or take advantage of our payment plan:

  • $700 deposit to secure your spot (non-refundable)
  • $350 due on 5th April, 7th June, 9th August 2019



  • 2019 Workshops $210
  • Anyone is welcome to attend an individual APW workshop – please be advised however that attendance will be dependent on space being available as priority is given to Permaculture Design Certificate (full programme) participants with remaining seats available to those wishing to attend.
  • If you choose to complete the certificate but are not a full programme participant, an additional fee of $250 will be required to cover the design project mentorship and two additional design project presentation days.