Saturday 7 MAY 2022 9am – 5pm

Usually early May – Saturday 9am – 5pm

Central Auckland with West Auckland field trip

TUTOR – Derek Craig

Tree systems and forests have the potential to provide most humans needs and create a stable and resilient biosphere. Participants will learn the fundamental principles of designing and establishing a wood lot, orchard or food forest for a range of sites and contexts, from inhibited urban spaces through to lifestyle blocks. Learning from an expert in the field, participants will be taught about the practical management required for plant health and productivity. This workshop is ideal for anyone wanting to learn about the diversity of productive trees that can be grown in the Auckland bioregion.

In the case of a lockdown due to Covid19 we are geared up to deliver the programme via an online format if necessary. For more information please see our Programme Information PDF.

Tree Crops workshop image


Introduction to – Forest ecology and tree systems; Tree crop design; Orchard design, layout and management; Selecting appropriate fruits / nuts / vines / berries; Planting; Propagation and grafting; Plant health – pests and disease, pruning, and nutrient management; Herb lay and beneficial insects; Integration with small animals; Site visit and practical activity.


  • Understand the fundamental role that tree systems play in ecosystem function
  • Understand the fundamentals of designing and managing productive tree systems and how to integrate trees into already existing systems
  • Understand the fundamentals of plant propagation, health and productivity
  • Develop an understanding and appreciation of the opportunities and limitations of growing tree crops in the Auckland bioregion
  • Observe and interact with tree crops in an applied setting
  • Identify opportunities and challenges to applying the day’s learning


In case of alert level changes due to Covid19 we are geared up to deliver via an online format if necessary.