Auckland Permaculture Workshop’s mission is to increase the resilience and wealth of Auckland’s bioregion through education in ecological design, social innovation and the appropriate use of technology.

Typically people think of permaculture as a type of organic gardening – it is however, much more than that. For APW, permaculture is a design philosophy and practice that draws from a range of disciplines – it is a solutions focused way of thinking, which is proving to be a viable, practical and empowering means of addressing contemporary environmental, social and economic issues. As well as providing tools and techniques for redesigning the way we grow our food in an ecologically regenerative way and restoring our natural environment; the permaculture framework we teach can also be applied to a range of social and technological fields. These include the coordination of community groups and social movements, the creation of complementary currencies, time banks and local economic structures, the design and retrofit of existing buildings to be energy efficient and working with appropriate technologies for capturing and storing rain water, reusing waste material and the use of traditional technologies such as weaving, to name just a few applications.

APW see education as a key component in the development of a sustainable culture. We have developed a series of interrelated and comprehensive full day workshops that teach the foundation of the permaculture principles as well as practical hands-on skills. These workshops combined with a design project enable participants to obtain an internationally recognised qualification, the Permaculture Design Certificate.

APW workshops are for everyone interested in living sustainably, designing their own lives and empowering change in their communities.



We at APW are keen for everyone who is interested in sustainable design and living to know about permaculture design education and the benefits available personally and professionally from such an education.  We genuinely feel we have something valuable to contribute to Auckland’s growing (deeper shade of) green movement – we aim to challenge, inspire and empower active citizens to make Auckland a vibrant, innovative, and resilient place to call home. We hope to work with you and anyone who is interested in this kaupapa.

For those of you unfamiliar with APW – we offer a new form of permaculture education through 12 day-long workshops over the course of a year. These workshops focus on various aspects of ecological design, appropriate technology, social innovation and sustainable living.  PDC participants take on a design project applying permaculture principles to their passions, goals and day to day lives. At the completion of the course, participants gain a Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) – an internationally recognised qualification.

To ensure as many people as possible have access to our education programme we have developed various ways and means for non-monetary ‘payment’ for course participation. Contributing towards APW’s charitable purpose through our in kind contribution system SPENDS is one way. We also have a Youth Scholarship scheme for 25′s and under which is available to two participants every year.

If you are interested in finding out more about APW please browse the website and feel free to email any of us at the address below. If you have done a PDC, and in particular if you are one of the hundreds of people who have done our PDC and have gotten significant value from the experience please share this opportunity with others. The more the merrier.

Noho ora mai,
The APW Exec