Creating a better future requires the development of spaces where change makers and designers can collaborate, inspire and break free from traditional constraints. At Auckland Permaculture Workshop we provide opportunities for individuals and communities to engage in our programme that due to limitations of personal finance, might not otherwise be able to attend.

How? Through acknowledging (with integrity), all of our contributions – be they intellectual, physical or financial. Active citizenship and home grown food is just as valuable as ‘hard currency’. Contributing towards APW through our in kind contribution trading system SPENDS is one way. Through SPENDS, we formalise this exchange of reciprocity by matching people’s skill sets with our current priority projects in exchange of up to 50% of the payment of the year long programme.

If you are interested in exchanging your skills and knowledge using the SPENDS system please send us a CV or list of your skills and experiences and we will do our best to identify opportunities for interested people to participate. The APW team are constantly seeking ways to enhance Auckland’s wealth and resilience, and look forward to discussing how your passion and contribution can help facilitate our (shared) goals for the future of the region.

Please email us at info@apw.org.nz.