Saturday 20 JUNE 2020 9am – 5pm

TUTORFinn Mackesy
SUPPORT TUTOR – Cathy Angell

This workshop explores the values, invisible structures and networks that form the social and cultural fabric of our communities. Students will be introduced to working models of social design and community development, which explore the role of culture, ecology, communication, economics, education, governance and health, in the building of resilient and vibrant communities. The concepts and ideas presented in this workshop will form the basis for practical activities and projects throughout the APW programme. This workshop is essential for anyone interested in developing their understanding of social design, effective governance and group dynamics as well as those who want to become more involved in his or her community.
Living Communities workshop image


Introduction to – Values, assumptions and perceptions in the formation of community; Group dynamics and social organisation; Social ecology, social innovation and social permaculture; Governance – Treaty of Waitangi, R.M.A., L.G.A. and L.T.C.C.P; Decision making processes and conflict resolution; Legal structures; Genuine Progress Indicators; and Local, national and international best practice.


  • Develop an understanding of what constitutes a living community
  • Develop an understanding of tools and technologies used to design in the sociosphere and applied to social innovation
  • Develop an understanding of invisible structures, systems, and processes that empower communities to function
  • Develop skills and knowledge in community development and working effectively in groups
  • Identify opportunities and challenges to applying the day’s learning